Is your vehicle 3 years or older? If so, battery replacement every 12 months will ensure your vehicle is ready for Bahrain’s/GCC demanding weather and
driving conditions.
autoMAX uses only quality battery brands. We can replace your Vehicle Battery on site at your conveniences. All our Batteries come with a 12 Month Warranty. We test the charging system rate to make sure the battery will continue to hold a charge and start you next time. Book now for an appointment online or phone. 

The autoMAX Difference

  • Professional installation at your home or office.
  • High Quality, Low Maintenance Batteries.
  • 1-year replacement warranty.
  • FREE battery test & charging system diagnosis.

When should I start thinking about replacing my car battery?
Almost 70% of car owners in Bahrain wait until their car battery leaves them stranded before they get it replaced. Waiting until your battery is dead can create a terrible inconvenience and can cost you a lot of money, especially if you have to call a tow truck. The time to start thinking about replacing your battery is
before it dies.


The average life span of a car battery in Bahrain is about 14 months, however, several factors can drastically shorten its life.
Some examples include:

  • Extreme hot weather temperatures.
  • Faulty vehicle charging system.
  • Running electrical equipment with the vehicle off.
  • Frequent short distance trips. Trips of less than 20 minutes may not
    give your vehicle enough time to fully recharge the power depleted
    from the battery when the vehicle was started.
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