How often do you see a 'one-eyed monster' at night? You know, a car with only one headlamp or fog light working. And how frequently does a vehicle with a brake light out warning catch you out? Faulty lights are one of the commonest faults and a frequent cause of your car failing its annual inspection at the Traffic Department. Obviously they can cause accidents and are also against the law. Of course, the ones on your car are working perfectly. Or are they? When was the last time you checked? Next time before you drive off, switch the lights and indicators on and get out to see if they are all working. You can reverse close to a wall or the garage doors to check the brake lights in the rear view mirror. You should check your vehicle's lights at least once a week and before each long journey. If a light bulb is not working in your car, don't change it yourself as you may blacken the bulb by touching it with your oily hands, or worse hurt or burn your hands. Call autoMAX Car Care and well come to you and replace it onsite.

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